Neue Microsoft Intune Features

Dejan Milic am 18. November 2014

Neue intune AdministrationskonsoleAb 17. bis 19.11.2014 werden das Microsoft Intune Team ein neues Service-Update ausrollen. Diese Aktualisierung kann aber den Zugang zu dem Intune-Dienst unterbrechen. Die neuen Funktionen, die nach dieser Aktualisierung¬†in Microsoft Intune Standalone (Cloud only) zur Verfügung stehen, sind:

– Enhanced user interface for Intune administration console

Conditional Access





– Ability to restrict access to Exchange on-premises email based upon device enrollment
– Bulk enrollment of devices using a single service account
– Lockdown of Supervised iOS devices and devices using Samsung KNOX with Kiosk mode
– Targeting of policies and apps by device groups
– Ability to report on and allow or block a specific set of applications
– Enforcement of application install or uninstall
– Deployment of certificates, email, VPN and WiFi profiles
– Ability to push free store apps to iOS devices
– More convenient access to internal corporate resources using per-app VPN configurations for iOS devices
– Remote pin reset for Windows Phone 8.1 devices
– Multi-factor authentication at enrollment for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 devices
– Ability to restrict administrator access to a specific set of user and device groups
– Updated Company Portal apps to support customizable terms and conditions

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