Microsoft System Center 2012 Compliance Management Cookbook angekündigt

Andreas Baumgarten am 03. Juni 2014

1706EN_MockupCoverBeim Packt Publishing Ltd. Verlag ( ist das folgende, englische für September 2014 angekündigt: Microsoft System Center 2012 Management

Autoren: Susan Rösner, Andreas Baumgarten und Ronnie Isherwood/Sam Erskine + Unterstützung durch Jörg Tonn

Die vorläufigen Informationen zu dem Buch:

A step-by-step guide filled with practical recipes that will show you how to start your compliance project using Microsoft System Center and other supporting technologies

Demystify the compliance deployment myth; bridge the gap between IT, audit, and compliance programs

Maximize your return on investment using the System Center product components

In Detail:

Compliance programs are often run and managed by security and audit teams. These teams provide policies and guidance that require implementation by the IT team using technology. Microsoft Security Compliance Manager and Microsoft System Center are an ideal combination to provide this bridge between IT and the teams responsible for compliance policies.

Aimed at getting you familiar with the practical side of IT compliance, this book starts by introducing you to Microsoft Security Compliance Manager (SCM). You will learn how to enhance the capabilities of IT compliance programs using the Microsoft System product. You will also gain access to compliance technology implementations from the smallest organizations to enterprise cloud-ready corporations.

Moving on from the basics, this book will delve into the recommended critical tasks to start a compliance program, and then provide steps to start the compliance program with the free Microsoft Security Compliance Manager. You will then be introduced to the steps to create a GPO Compliance Baseline using Microsoft System Center 2012 , and steps to monitor the created baseline in addition to introducing Microsoft System Center Operations Manager compliance functionalities.

Following that, you will learn how to program and design a GRC program, and also implement it with Microsoft System Center2012 Service Manager. You will also learn how to automate GRC processes with Microsoft System Center 2012 and create compliance reports using Microsoft System Center 2012.

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