“Friends of SCSM” event at MMS 2013 – Thank you for attending (english)

Andreas Baumgarten am 20. April 2013

SCSM-Logo-LogoAnders and I would just like to send a “Thank You” to all of you who attended to our “ of ” event! It’s always nice to meet the persons which names you’ve seen on different forums, blogs and mail lists face to face, have a beer and talk a bit. We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did and that you took the opportunity to learn to know a couple of new people and shared your experiences.Hopefully we can arrange this the next year as well (if there will be an MMS 2014 that is!) and if so, we sure hope to see you there again!

Also, a big “Thank You” goes to Gridpro who sponsored the event and made sure that most of you could drink free beers!Gridpro

Some impressions from the “Friends of SCSM” event 2013:


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